Signs of a Failing Motorcycle Battery

Signs of a Failing Motorcycle Battery

There are many factors that can affect motorcycle battery life.The amount of time you ride the bike, they type of battery and its age all alter battery performance.To avoid being stranded or having to replace your battery prematurely, have it checked regularly.


Starting Problems


If your bike isn’t starting as quickly or easily as it used to, it could be due to a failing battery.Like any vehicle, motorcycles require electrical power to get going and with a declining charge, it becomes increasingly difficult to get the motorcycle started.


Idle Issues


Another reason to inspect the battery is if your bike is having difficulties running while at idle.Without enough juice from the battery, many bikes will die at idle speeds.If you have to keep the throttle open, even just a small amount to keep the engine running, have your battery inspected.


Prior Dead Batteries


Motorcycle batteries are not quite as rugged as those installed in large vehicles.Once the power has been completely drained, or the battery is simply getting old, many will refuse to recharge fully, or hold a charge properly. If you notice any signs of battery weakness, whether over time or as a sudden occurrence, have your battery examined.Visit this website for more information about motorcycle Batteries in San Diego.


5 Tips to Increase the Lifespan of a Battery

Five years is the length of time that your car battery is supposed to last; but in reality, only a third of car batteries last as long as four years. Some of this has to do with where you live. For instance, very hot climates tend to reduce a car battery’s life expectancy. However, there are several ways you can increase the life of your battery. Try these five tips.

When your car sits idle for long periods of time, it can significantly affect the battery charge. Though the most danger is when you leave your car at home when you go on long trips or vacations, even just a day of sitting in a very hot location can take a toll on your battery. Some sources recommend purchasing an automatic charger to keep your battery in good condition. It is also possible to disconnect the battery if you know you will not be using it for a while, but this should always be done with caution and only attempted by a trained professional.

If you are accustomed to leaving your radio on when the car is off or if you have ever mistakenly left your headlights on overnight, you should know that both of these things are very bad for the life of your battery. When at all possible, avoid using accessories like the radio and headlights when you are not driving your car.

Another way to increase battery life is to make sure that your battery is clean and secure. Corrosion can build up, which reduces battery performance, and a loose battery may suffer damage from vibration.

Like many parts of your car, it is good to have regular check-ups to make sure all parts are working as they should. To extend the life of your battery and the overall life of your car, make sure you have a professional you trust who can examine your car regularly and alert you when there are any problems.

As mentioned before, very hot and very cold weather can have different but equally harmful effects on battery life. One way to protect your battery against extreme temperatures is to have a technician install an installation blanket, which will provide a barrier between your battery and the outside temperatures.

Avoid replacing your car battery sooner than you have to by following these best practices for increasing battery life. If your battery does die, you may be able to bring it back to life with a reconditioned battery. For more information on reconditioned batteries in Escondido, visit this website.

Gel vs. AGM: What Is the Better Battery for Your Boat?

Gel vs. AGM What Is the Better Battery for Your Boat

For powering your boat, you have a few options for the right battery. Two common options are gel batteries and AGM (absorbed glass mat) batteries. These battery types are similar in a few ways, but they have some key differences. Here are a few factors to help you choose the better battery for your boat.


1.       Battery Life


If battery life is a big element of your decision, consider that AGM batteries can have half the cycle life of gel batteries.


2.       Cost


While cost is not the only important factor in making purchasing decisions, it is still one of the things you may want to consider. Gel batteries may be a higher initial cost, while AGM batteries often come at a lower price. Still, gel batteries may come out on top in this category due to a few factors:

  • A lower cost-per-month
  • A lower cost-per-cycle
  • Virtually no maintenance

3.       Use


When it comes down to what you will actually be using your battery for, there are some differences between gel and AGM. AGM batteries are very good for stationary and starting uses, but gel batteries are especially well-suited and safe for sea use.

If you are looking for a long-lasting battery that is especially fit for sea use and is more cost-effective over the long term, gel is likely the best battery choice for you. Once you have chosen a battery type, visit this website to find a used batteries store in San Diego.