Ways to Tell Your RV Has a Bad Battery

Do you suspect your RV is having battery problems? This is quite common, and many people complain that their battery will no longer hold a charge. This could mean the battery has gone bad, and there are some specific things you can do to help you know for sure. This is essential, because you would not want to begin a month-long vacation in your RV only to find yourself without battery power or with batteries that go bad after a day of driving.

One way to tell if your battery is bad is by inspecting it. All you have to do is take a look at it and check for a few things. See if there is discoloration, leaking, a broken terminal, a bump in the case or cracked plastic. If the terminal is loose or broken, this may cause a short circuit and can be dangerous. If a short circuit occurs, you will probably notice that some sort of melting or burning took place due to the amount of heat the escaping power produces. If everything is still intact but you notice a bump in the case, this may mean your battery was overcharged. If there are cracks or holes in the case, the battery may still work fine but you should not use it because it is unsafe.

Another way to determine the state of your RV battery is to test for voltage. If you get a reading of zero volts, this means that a short circuit has likely taken place. If your battery will not reach any higher than 10.5 volts when it is being charged, then this is an indication of a dead cell. In addition, if your battery is at full charge but the voltage reads 12.4 or less, this means the battery is sulfated. What does this mean? When a battery discharges it produces a natural byproduct. If your battery has been uncharged for a long time, this byproduct will make the battery no longer able to reach a full charge and a replacement will be needed.

Load testing can also help you determine if your battery is bad and if you need a new one. During the test, a technician will apply a heavy load to your RV’s battery with a machine. A bad battery will likely need to be replaced to ensure your vehicle is running right. These methods will be helpful in determining the condition of your RV battery. For more information on RV batteries in Escondido, visit this website.


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