When Is it Time to Replace Your Car Battery?

When Is it Time to Replace Your Car Battery

There’s nothing worse than heading out to your car only to find that the battery has died.There are several indicators that suggest your battery may be wearing out.Have your battery inspected if you notice any of the following:

Battery Bloating


A swollen battery needs immediate replacement, so if you notice a bulging case, head to the nearest auto center as soon as possible.Extreme heat can cause bloating and shorten battery life.

Slow Engine Turnover


If it seems to be taking longer than normal for the car to start when the key is turned and the engine begins to crank, your battery is likely on the decline.Have the power levels checked as soon as you can, and replace the battery if the tests indicate its capacity is diminished.

Low Fluid Level


Car batteries normally have one part of the casing that is transparent, which allows you to check the interior fluid levels.If the liquid is below the indicated level, or if it has receded beneath the plates, your battery probably needs to be replaced.

Leakage or Corrosion


Any corrosion or leakage is a cause for inspection.Some corrosion may be normal and can be cleaned off.Larger seepage’s suggest the battery is at the end of its life. For information regarding auto batteries in San Diego, visit this website.


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