Three Rare Batteries You May Need

Three Rare Batteries You May Need.jpg

Electronic devices always need batteries. In some cases, you may find yourself looking for a very specialized power source. When it comes to batteries you don’t recognize, there are three types that feel more exotic than they might seem. These rare batteries can still be obtained from the right supplier.


Did you know that your desktop computer has a battery? Well, it does. Even though you keep it plugged in constantly, its specialized battery can run out of juice. When that happens, you might find your computer behaving strangely. This is because the tiny battery attached to the circuit board is in charge of running the internal clock. As many software applications make use of this clock, replacing a dead CMOS is more important than you might think.

Electric Cars

The idea of forgoing gas stations has massive appeal. Electric cars are an amazing wonder in the modern automotive world, but their batteries are far more important than in traditional counterparts. Replacing the battery on an electric car requires very specialized knowledge, but an expert can get your car running again if you know who to ask.

Nickel Cadmium

There was once a time when these batteries ruled the rechargeable world. The development of lithium-ion power lead to obsolescence. That won’t keep you from needing these batteries if you have an older camera or phone. Finding a new battery in these cases will be a challenge, but a battery specialist should be able to take care of you.

There are plenty more abnormal batteries out there. You can find what you need from a battery store in Escondido at the end of this link.


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