Ways to Tell Your RV Has a Bad Battery

Do you suspect your RV is having battery problems? This is quite common, and many people complain that their battery will no longer hold a charge. This could mean the battery has gone bad, and there are some specific things you can do to help you know for sure. This is essential, because you would not want to begin a month-long vacation in your RV only to find yourself without battery power or with batteries that go bad after a day of driving.

One way to tell if your battery is bad is by inspecting it. All you have to do is take a look at it and check for a few things. See if there is discoloration, leaking, a broken terminal, a bump in the case or cracked plastic. If the terminal is loose or broken, this may cause a short circuit and can be dangerous. If a short circuit occurs, you will probably notice that some sort of melting or burning took place due to the amount of heat the escaping power produces. If everything is still intact but you notice a bump in the case, this may mean your battery was overcharged. If there are cracks or holes in the case, the battery may still work fine but you should not use it because it is unsafe.

Another way to determine the state of your RV battery is to test for voltage. If you get a reading of zero volts, this means that a short circuit has likely taken place. If your battery will not reach any higher than 10.5 volts when it is being charged, then this is an indication of a dead cell. In addition, if your battery is at full charge but the voltage reads 12.4 or less, this means the battery is sulfated. What does this mean? When a battery discharges it produces a natural byproduct. If your battery has been uncharged for a long time, this byproduct will make the battery no longer able to reach a full charge and a replacement will be needed.

Load testing can also help you determine if your battery is bad and if you need a new one. During the test, a technician will apply a heavy load to your RV’s battery with a machine. A bad battery will likely need to be replaced to ensure your vehicle is running right. These methods will be helpful in determining the condition of your RV battery. For more information on RV batteries in Escondido, visit this website.


Why Do Car Batteries Begin to Fail?

A vast majority of drivers have been in a situation where the battery in their car begins to falter. When this happens, it can be a very frustrating situation especially if no one is around to provide the jump necessary to make it home. In order to better understand this, it is very important to see the causes for battery failure in a vehicle.

Many of the reasons that a battery begins to fail have to do with your habits as a driver. When you correct these habits you will begin to notice that your car battery runs better for a longer period of time. One of the largest culprits is when the lights of your vehicle are left on. It is said that leaving your headlights on overnight can reduce the life expectancy of your battery by at least half a year. This can prove incredibly detrimental to a battery, and wind up being quite an expensive mistake to rectify down the line. When you are extra diligent about turning off the headlights, and internal lights, of your vehicle you will be able to get plenty of years from your battery.

Another common reason that car batteries fail is if the vehicle is not being used. When you allow your car to sit, especially when the weather begins to get more frigid, the battery is put in a risky situation. This can be avoided by starting your car and allowing it to run once a day, especially if you do not plan on driving it anywhere for some time. This problem is more frequent in cities and urban areas where cars are not the only means for transportation, but it can happen anywhere that a car is sitting for too long without use.

A flat car battery is not necessarily cause to invest in an entirely new battery. There are several tools out there that can provide a charge to a flat battery, and get extra months out of it. When you do the right research, and learn the proper way to handle the battery in your car, you will be able to prepare for any situation that might arise when you are driving out in the world.

Knowing the reasons that a car battery fails is the first step towards taking the proper steps for the future. Visit this website to learn more about where you can find automotive batteries in Escondido when you are in need of a replacement.

Charge Right for Truck Life

Charge Right for Truck Life

Research has shown that charging a battery below 80 percent of its total capacity results in shortened battery and truck component life. If you want to keep your battery powerful and your truck on the road, here are some tips for a proper charge routine.

1.    A trickle charger is best. It consists of a power cord, a transformer and two alligator clips. It delivers slow and steady power from an outlet. Nix thoughts of a rapid charge. Batteries do better with slow going.

2.    Clean terminals are a must. But be careful if you see any white powder on them. That’s sulfuric acid residue. Protect your hands with gloves, put baking soda on a wet cloth and wipe down the terminals, or use a sandpaper pad.

3.    Cell caps off!Caps seal the battery cells during normal truck operation. However, when charging occurs, the chemical process generates gas, which if unvented, can cause the battery to crack or explode.

4.    Be careful with jumper attachment. Always remember, red wire goes to the positive terminal (POS) and the other to the negative (NEG). Never should the wires touch. That would cause a spark, bad news if free battery hydrogen is present.

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Recycling Your Unused Batteries for a Healthier Environment

Recycling Your Unused Batteries for a Healthier Environment

It should come as no surprise that batteries contain toxic chemicals that can damage the environment when disposed of improperly. That’s the bad news. The good news is that many batteries are made from lead. They can easily be recycled as they are composed of about 70% lead. Most of the lead can be reused.

The following are the two types of batteries when considering recycling:

  • Single use batteries
  • Rechargeable Batteries

In some states it is illegal to throw out any battery and must be recycled. In other states, it is still permissible to dispose of common purpose batteries but may have restrictions on larger scale batteries such as motor vehicle batteries.


Recycling Rechargeable Batteries Are Not as Cost Effective

Rechargeable batteries can be recycled but are not as cost effective to do it. Still, with growing environmental concerns and stricter laws, the landscape for this is changing. In the near future, you may find that most states require recycling of all batteries. Your municipality should publish recycling instructions if changes are enacted.

Many recycling plants are set up to recycle for lead acid types of batteries. These plants are finding that lithium-ion (Li-ion) are being included into the mix. At high volumes of processing, it is difficult to tell when this occurs and it has been known to cause fires and personal injury. Mixing the Li-ion in with the lead acid can cause explosions. Visit this website for more information on recycling batteries in San Diego.

Getting Your Battery Checked Leads to Stronger Solar Energy

Getting Your Battery Checked Leads to Stronger Solar Energy

Batteries are used to store excess power in a solar energy system. Without them, the system can only work when the sun is shining on the panels. A weak battery will tend to use more energy than stronger ones and therefore are the weak link in the chain. This is why getting your batteries checked is important for optimal use of the system.

Purchase and maintenance of batteries in the solar energy system is probably going to be the biggest cost. It is for this reason that you will want to choose the most reliable and ensure they are being used properly.

Discharging the Power in the Batteries

How much you discharge before recharging is important. If you are using your batteries for long periods of time, this could weaken the battery over the long run. Many people discharge to about 50%. However, depending on the battery type and manufacturer, recharging when the battery reaches higher percentages may help it last longer.

Battery Checking Precautions

When you are looking to check your batteries, consider the following precautions:

  • Make sure you are in a ventilated area.
  • Wear protective clothing.
  • Follow the exact instructions of the manufacturer.
  • Contact your dealer if you are unsure of the procedures.

Choosing the right battery for your solar energy system will be much easier when you select a qualified professional for solar energy in Escondido.

Three Rare Batteries You May Need

Three Rare Batteries You May Need.jpg

Electronic devices always need batteries. In some cases, you may find yourself looking for a very specialized power source. When it comes to batteries you don’t recognize, there are three types that feel more exotic than they might seem. These rare batteries can still be obtained from the right supplier.


Did you know that your desktop computer has a battery? Well, it does. Even though you keep it plugged in constantly, its specialized battery can run out of juice. When that happens, you might find your computer behaving strangely. This is because the tiny battery attached to the circuit board is in charge of running the internal clock. As many software applications make use of this clock, replacing a dead CMOS is more important than you might think.

Electric Cars

The idea of forgoing gas stations has massive appeal. Electric cars are an amazing wonder in the modern automotive world, but their batteries are far more important than in traditional counterparts. Replacing the battery on an electric car requires very specialized knowledge, but an expert can get your car running again if you know who to ask.

Nickel Cadmium

There was once a time when these batteries ruled the rechargeable world. The development of lithium-ion power lead to obsolescence. That won’t keep you from needing these batteries if you have an older camera or phone. Finding a new battery in these cases will be a challenge, but a battery specialist should be able to take care of you.

There are plenty more abnormal batteries out there. You can find what you need from a battery store in Escondido at the end of this link.

When Is it Time to Replace Your Car Battery?

When Is it Time to Replace Your Car Battery

There’s nothing worse than heading out to your car only to find that the battery has died.There are several indicators that suggest your battery may be wearing out.Have your battery inspected if you notice any of the following:

Battery Bloating


A swollen battery needs immediate replacement, so if you notice a bulging case, head to the nearest auto center as soon as possible.Extreme heat can cause bloating and shorten battery life.

Slow Engine Turnover


If it seems to be taking longer than normal for the car to start when the key is turned and the engine begins to crank, your battery is likely on the decline.Have the power levels checked as soon as you can, and replace the battery if the tests indicate its capacity is diminished.

Low Fluid Level


Car batteries normally have one part of the casing that is transparent, which allows you to check the interior fluid levels.If the liquid is below the indicated level, or if it has receded beneath the plates, your battery probably needs to be replaced.

Leakage or Corrosion


Any corrosion or leakage is a cause for inspection.Some corrosion may be normal and can be cleaned off.Larger seepage’s suggest the battery is at the end of its life. For information regarding auto batteries in San Diego, visit this website.